Tech-Smithy User Account Management

This page contains the user Account Menu. The menu contains links to each of you active website accounts. This list can be expanded to see the invoices (and invoice history) for each account.

In addition, the menu contains a link to the referral program. This program allows you to refer others to use website hosting and our WMS platform. Each Referral pays you $50 and gives the referred customer a $50 discount on their setup fee. Click the "Referral Program" link to access the submit referrals or view the referral status.

Finally, the menu at the left allows you to change your website password. Click the "Change Password" button to bring up the password change window. (Please note: you will have to log back into the site once your password has been changed) is always interested in hearing your feedback, if there are additional account services that would be helpful, please don't hesitate to bring it to our attention. Support Team