Products offers the following services to our customers.

App-Smithy: Custom Application Development

App-Smithy is a customer applications devlopment service. This services specializes in writing custom applications for Android and iOS devices that make use of cloud based servers on private virtual machines or using cloud providers like AWS, RackSpace, Dropbox, Google, etc. This "Party Cloudy" design for applications leverages the best of the cloud while maintaining the control for the business publiching the application. It also allows for subscription based services which increases profits by lowering overhead.

Site-Smithy: Website Design and Deployment Services

Site-Smithy uses the WMS which was conceived of in 1999 when various customers complained about the trouble they had with managing their on-line presence. Over the last 18 years, we have developed a full-featured website management platform that allows our customers to fully manage their on-line content directly through their website, instead of working with web designers or editing HTML files directly Site-Smithy customers simply edit their own web-pages right through their website.

Data-Smithy: Database backend Integration

Do you have a database system that your having trouble managing? has a robust relational database management system (RDMS) that we utilize for several of our internal products. This robust management system for storing, sorting, searching, and managing database systems, is available for our customers to use as well. All databases are separate and customers databases that utilize the Data-Smithy product can easily create jobs to send email, automate business process, etc as well and easily add, edit, and manage their data. In addition, can setup automated jobs and notifications when data is added, changed, allowing for automation of multiple business processes.

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